Compact Dry PA


Compact Dry is a simple and safe procedure for the determination and quantification of microorganisms in food, cosmetics and other raw materials, including pharmaceuticals. Ready-to-use Compact Dry Chromogenic Plates are suitable for both process and end product control.

Pseudomonas is a psychotropic bacterium that can survive and thrive at low temperatures; because of this, it is a known causative agent of spoilage in refrigerated products, such as red meat, poultry, fish and milk and milk products. known to cause spoilage of refrigerated products such as red meat, poultry, fish and milk and dairy products. milk and dairy products. They are ubiquitous in nature and can thrive in soil, freshwater and marine environments. Their Their ability to survive is based on the wide range of environmental requirements, such as water activity, salt concentration and temperature. salt concentration and temperature. Therefore, in addition to foodstuffs, they are also known to contaminate the clinical environment and cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The increase in the quantity of such bacteria tends to decrease the quality and safety of foodstuffs. the quality and safety of food by increasing the risk of disease.



Matrix: Raw materials, finished products, environmental samples from the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, among others.
Incubation time and temperature: Incubate at 35 ± 1 °C for 48 ± 3 hours
Presentation:  Packs of 4 units
Mode of use:
  1. Remove Cover.
  2. Deposit 1 ml of the sample in the center of the surface of the Compact Dry plate.
  3. The sample is automatically and homogeneously dispersed on the film and transforms the dry film into a gel in a few seconds.
  4. Replace the cover on the plate. Incubate for the prescribed time.
Weigh the sample
Add the diluent
Homogenize the sample
Removing the plates
Remove the cover
Add 1 Ml of sample
Wait for the sample to be absorbed
Put the plate down
Bring the plate in incubation
Perform reading
Interpretation of results:

P. aeruginosa forms red colonies that are generally surrounded by a halo greenish yellow. Tests have shown that about 20% de las cepas de P. aeruginosa form less or no greenish-yellow pigment.

Storage and shelf life:

Keep at room temperature, from 1 to 30 °C. 18 months shelf life.