Compact Dry CF


Compact Dry is a simple and safe procedure for determining and quantifying microorganisms in foodstuffs, cosmetics and other raw materials, including pharmaceuticals. The ready-to-use Compact Dry coliform chromogenic CF plates are suitable for both in-process and final product controls.

For rapid detection of coliforms: due to the chromogenic substrate X-Gal they form characteristic blue/blue-green colonies. The growth of other types of bacteria is considerably inhibited. Bacteria that could grow would appear without any coloration.

Matrix: Raw materials, finished products, environmental samples from the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, among others.
Incubation time and temperature: Incubate at 37 ± 1 °C for 18-24 ± 2 hours
Presentation: 40 and 240 plates
Mode of use:
  1. Remove Cover.
  2. Deposit 1 ml of the sample in the center of the surface of the Compact Dry plate.
  3. The sample is automatically and homogeneously dispersed on the film and transforms the dry film into a gel in a few seconds.
  4. Replace the cover on the plate. Incubate for the prescribed time.
Weigh the sample
Add the diluent
Homogenize the sample
Removing the plates
Remove the cover
Add 1 Ml of sample
Wait for the sample to be absorbed
Put the plate down
Bring the plate in incubation
Perform reading
Interpretation of results:

Coliforms grow to develop blue/green colonies, as the medium contains the substrate for the chromogenic enzyme X-GAL. Bacteria other than coliforms are inhibited from growing, and do not form colored colonies, even if they do grow.

Storage and shelf life:

Keep at room temperature, from 1 to 30 °C. 18 months shelf life.